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Akcja: Ludzie FIFA, otwórzcie oczy! ;)

PostNapisane: 2008-10-05, 21:38
przez kubajjk
z cyklu polscy internauci do boju... :twisted:
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"As a football-lover and follower of fair-play rules, not only on the pitch, but also behind the desks of football bureaucracy, I firmly protest against the methods FIFA is trying to use in recent case of Polish Football Association (PZPN). Let us clean up this cesspool! They are corrupted, deceitful and irreformable clique. The whole post-communist structure must be re-built in modern standards! Do not blackmail us, threatening that our teams will be disqualified from international games if we touch this mafia-like PZPN organization. Acting this way, you are standing on their side, supporting the most hated and discredited institution in our country. FIFA people, open your eyes!"
albo napisz cos od siebie 8)

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Re: Akcja: Ludzie FIFA, otwórzcie oczy! ;)

PostNapisane: 2008-10-05, 23:17
przez Jagiel
Jakby FIFA (i UEFA) nie były "mafia-like"... Jak to ktoś gdzieś ciakawie podsumował - członkowie PZPN wypili z tymi ludźmi więcej wódki niż my mamy włosów na głowie ;)